False kidnapping case

Sir my case was that i was in love relation with a girl.i was alway going to their house i was taking care of their financial problem so when her parent came to know that we were not friends but lovers they demanded that we will marry u our daughter only if u register all property on my name.i disagree they tried some cheap tricks so that girl did not stay with them she came to my house and stayed but her parents got angry and to tke revenge they cased against me girl in emotion unknown of the case went to see them they forced her and she gave 161 and 164 and took her to village now the girl realised how bad can happen to me for this false case has contact me and is telling she will tell the truth and save me sir i am bailed and i am going with the law so sir what should she do and what should i do to prove my innocence.she is telling plse take me from here as her parents are trying to get her married to someone else but she only loves me. How can we go by the law and save both ourselves plse suggest sir.....she is actually twenty but her school certificate says she is one month less than 18 and her matriculate certificate says 17 plse help sir