Can I recover my money using MOU ?

Hello Sir, I have made an MOU with one builder by paying 12,00,000/- INR to purchase a flat in an apartment which is under construction. At the time of making MOU, they promised that they will make an SALE AGREEMENT within one week time, however they did not make an agreement so far. 6 months are already over. I have checked the cancellation process with Builder. They are expecting me to return original MOU then only they will issue me Post dated cheque (120 working days). I have enquired from old customers who already cancelled MOU 2 years back and still struggling to recover their money. So finally I have decided to file a case using MOU to recover my money. Can you please suggest below, 1. Is it possible to recover money using MOU? 2. What are required documents to file case using MOU? 3. How much time it may take to recover money and what are the charges? 4. Is it possible to file NI Act with a bounced Cheque and xerox documents (MOU, receipts etc..) ? Thanks in advance and looking forward your valuable guidance and suggestions on this. Regards, Kumar