Family Disputes

Sir, My friend left her matrimonial house bcz, for the past 6 months she was tourched by her husband, bz of such behaviour she also quarrel against him, atlast 1 day her husband beated her. So she was scared and came to her parents house before 4 months.. In between, from their husband side they never took any steps to communicate her but from my friend side they are keepon communicating them through her relative for discussion, in any of ones place.. But they r not responding properly and keepon telling we all will discuss and tell in 10 days,15 days like that and cheating her.. After long struggle from my friend side, "within 1 week we will come for discussion" said her husband. She was also believing atlast the issue is going to be solved. But within 1 week instead of coming, he sended a lawyer notice blaming her completely and some false statement also there. Bz for her future security, she also sended reply notice, mentioning about her husband faults. And after 1 month of this incidence, her husband sended a divorce notice to her. At this situation, What can she do to save her marriage? Till end her husband was non cooperative means, is there is any chance for her to legally fight against him and make him to realize his faults, bz she was having some evidence. what can she do furtherly?