Withdrawal process of a case

On 8th of June due to some disputes between me and my colleague my family had forced me to file a GD against him which by mistake was filed as a case. The case was about molestation and threatening. He was then immediately arrested and put into jail. Next day morning his parents came to my house and requested me to take down the case which I agreed and submitted a petition to the police station. But the officer in charge said it is not possible now as the matter has now in the hands of the court so I need to consult a lawyer for this. After facing much trouble regarding this incident I found a lawyer and told him about the whole matter. He on behalf of me wrote a letter to the police commissioner and told me to get it stamped at commissioner office and post it to the particular police station. Next day I received a call from police station they told me to come there. On going there the officer said I need to have 164 done in front of the magistrate in order to withdraw the case. On the next available date I had 164 and I clearly confessed to the magistrate that I did not have the intention to file case I just wanted to file a GD so that he gets a warning and stop harassing me. Right now I dont have any problem with him so I want to withdraw the case. After that he got a bail but on interim. Next they got a hearing today on 8th July. I had a talke with his family they told me that it was necessary for me to go with them today which I rejected cause my part in this case should be over now as I have given my statement in front of the district magistrate. Just few minutes back his parents called me and said just because I didnt come they got another hearing on 10th Nov 2016. To end the case I had to come and it was a must. But on the other hand I did not receive any court paper or call stating I need to be present there as this is the process to end this case. I am baffled now. I dont know what should I do next. Please suggest. Thank you.