My wife filed dowry case and domestic violence against all member

Hi, My wife (different caste and arranged marriage) filed dowry case and domestic violence against myself and all my family members before 6 years. At present the case in District court. I am a physically challenged person. The case is still continuing. I have 7years boy, he is living his mother. I didn't able to see him after his birth. Even they are not bringing him while court is happening. In the mean time , I received letter from lok ayikth . But they are targeting more amount which is not bearable by me in the conversation. And they are not allowing me to see my son also. She went out my home before six years with my 4 months son. I waited for 3 months and filed a divorce case to bring her to my home, but it ended it vain. I got X-Party judgement in favors of me in the separate case, which I filed. I am ready to give the full things what ever she brought to my home while she entered into my home. In the Lok Ayikth speech, they are asking the unbearable amount 15,00000/- or I have to visit their home twice a week in a month.(Is this legally allowed while the case is happening) Basically I am physically challenged and working in a private company and living in Chennai. She is in 400Km away from me at present. I don't know what can I do for now. I am daily thinking this and suffer mentally lot. I am not able to see my son also. At this situation What should be my decision and which should be the correct one legally. Another current demand they are currently asking the things (jewels and vessels) which she brought while she came into my home. Now, what I have to do now? I don't want even a single coin from her, even I was suffered by Chennai floods with 13 feet of water level at home. I don't know how to resolve this problem also. My old age parents are also so much worrying about this. What is the remedy for this. And one more thing, she is partially able to speak and hear only. She is also partially challenged. I thought I gave her life to her but she wasted mine and herself. I would like to handle this situation without suffering my parents and my beloved son. I need your suggestion.