Long observation to make money led to serious brain damage

My father had a brain stroke recently and still in ICU under ventilator. In brain stroke patients, its very critical to give TPA injection within 3 hours. We went to healing touch hospital and in-spite of common brain stroke symptoms (Swallowing problem, Trouble with speaking, Trouble in body balancing etc) They dint diagnose it, did CT scan and told us that he needs to be under observation for 6 hours. After 4 hours, one of my cousin suggested that these are brain stroke symptoms and we should do MRI scan. There was no MRI scan machine available in this hospital and we have to took our father to MAX in chandigarh. They did MRI scan and detected blood clots. But because we already wasted crucial 3-4 hours in healing touch the window of TPA was missed and my father is still under lot of pain and on ventilator for last 15 days. The damaged done to the brain cannot be reversed as per doctors. If he would have got the TPA injection he must have been all-rite long back and must have been at home with us rite now. These healing touch hospital and doctors spoiled all of our lives just to make some extra money to keep us there for hours to increase their billing amount.