Mental torture by my husband for past 3 years

I have married for last 13 years and have 2 kids. My husband is having an affaire since last 3 years and since then he is torturing me a lot. He did not disclosed anything and just continued in a relation with me n other girl. In between i got pregnent and after my son's birth I came to know about his affaire. 1st two years he continuously asked for a divorce and the reason he gave me is "he want to be free and want to do something for his country and he is not born to do this day to day activities.. " Now still he is torturing me as my daughter is very much attached to him and he is taking undue advantage and just want to pay for our exp and continue his relationship. Throughout my pregnancy he did not cared for me and acted as if he is under mental stress and this affected my health a lot. He played a lot with my emotions and spoilled my life as i am not responsible for all the situation. I want to live freely with both my kids. But since i am monetorily depend upon him.. I am just tolerating all this. 1. I want to know if i can file case against him and the girl as well as she pressure him continously for divorce. 2. Just because my kids are small n we have dependancies does not mean he should play with my emotions.. 3. Also inspite of being in a 2 relations he gave birth to 2nd child and i have all the proofs. Can i punish him for that? I have all the hotel date bookings records since my husband did it through credit card. Please advice. Thank you.