Can i go to Allahabad high court for quash of false 498a

Dear Sir, Myself Praveen singh my wife Rajeshwari singh and her family has file false case against me in 2012 .I and My parents live at LUCKNOW . My wife has claimed 498a,323,504,506 and 3/4 against me and my parents in GHAZIPUR U.P. If i take you to the incident then my wife was having external affair with a boy name manish singh and she ran away form house in lucknow in 28 mar 2012 and file case in 498a,323,504,506 and 3/4 on me any my family so my father went to Allahabad high court and take proceeding stay in 2013 . in which court has made decision that i should apply for bail in 46 days and i should be given bail and i got bail . and court ask my wife to file counter affidavit iin 2 weeks but they still not submitted till date . then my father when to DGP lucknow office for tof DGP he investigation , against the wife family and investigation officer of SAIDPUR GHAZIPUR Uttar pradesh . so after investigation its was found that the investigation as file the FIR and CHARGE SHEET on the application of MY wife .he has not done any investigation . to find the truth . as the girl as given application that we have taken her in black color scorpio car and beaten her outside her village nayakdi then we ran away from thier . As after the investigation of DGP it was found that girl has went alone and and she was continuously talking to ther boyfriend . according to the call details and tower location investigated of the mobile of MY wife and the boy she was having affair . and the fir which was file was FLASE in 498a . again a new chargesheet was file in court with investigation report of the DGP OFFICE LUCKNOW .in 2013 .and first investigation officer was suspended by the DGP OF LUCKNOW now my father expired on 15 may 2016 due to the tension of the case .. i am having proceeding stay in the case right now . i ask my lawyer he told me to go for charge sheet stay and then go for quash of the case in ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT ...under crpc 482 1) Kindly guide me can i challenge the charge sheet in allahabad high court go for the quash ? 2) If possible, what will be the right time and procedure? 3) what would be possibility on quashing and proceeding stay? I shall be highly obliged to you as i am suffering from financial and mental loss thanks