Ownership of a property issues after sales by issuing a sale deed

Consider , suppose , Mr.X have purchased a piece of land from another individual , of course of Indian origin and having a valid title of ownership with clear evidence of paying the government charges like land tax and sole possession certificate in his hand and all the documents have acquired by him is proper , legal ,and complete in all senses and does not have any kind of errors or ambiguity. Mr.X was convinced and bought the land and he has got every thing in his name by land and documents and taken possession by his own. Later a notice has come to his name ordering to stop all the constructive and modification works and to call at the court by order number so and so and notifies that the land belongs to the government and the transferor has acquired the land from land tribunal by giving an application and paying the fair value. Kindly tell what are all the kind of lands which a person can buy by means of paying money and what are all the kinds of lands which can be resold or transfer ? Who are the individual can sell a land , male or female and who can dispute for a claim or claim a part of it and the legal obligations of an individual when selling the property and comment upon the reclaim of son, daughter , grand son or grand daughter upon an individuals property and what is purchased land or ancestral land ?