Mental harrashment by sister in law and by wife

Hi, i have been married since last four years. since last two years, my wife started behaving differently. She thinks, i am not helping her family by financially, though she knows i am not financially strong. As i feel, she is brainwashed by her sister. Always listen to her sister and share everything with her sister, but hardly talks with me, average 3-4 minutes per day. But plan everything with sister, that heard 2,3 days while she was talking with her sister. Her sister wants me to keep away from my home, my sisters/brothers,relatives and totally concentrate with their parents/home. As i did not agree this and told, i never forget my home, my parents for whom i am here now. Unfortunately my wife also in same pace with her sister, though she does not talk regarding this with me directly. But when i try to talk with my wife for better understandings, he become dominating, speaks roughly, used blamming word everytime etc. Even she bet on our child also though he is arnd 3yrs now. I need some help now so that i can go to court for mental harrasment by my wife and by her sister, also shall i go for this? please advice: a. how i can proof that her sister is brainwashed her against of me, indirectly harrasing me mentally? b. if there is any law for mental harrasment by sister in law, c. how can i accumulate proof, is the itemized mobile bil will be enough about their long conversation almost daily? d. what will be the punishment if it is proof? e. my wife's sister in law was involved for few fraud case, like dalali, that i can collect proof? Shall i bring this point also for her husband (my wife's sister) as a moral case? Please advice.