Illegal revocation of Gift Deed

I have filed O.S. and I.A in March 2014 with regard to the illegal revocation of Gift Deed praying for temporary/permanent injunction and to make the cancellation as null and void. However, so far I have not been granted anything. Court ordered the Opp. parties to file written statement. The Opp. parties dragged the matter in the court by not appointing their counsel and not filed their written statement until respondent-1 has passed away. R1 passed away on 14th June 2014. During end of July 2014, Opp. parties filed vakalat and their counsel asked more time to file written statement. Accordingly, the case has been posted to [deleted]. In spite of clear cut case of mine, I have not been given any relief so far even after 7 months have passed. The adjournments benefited the opp. parties. Now they are resorting to various unethical practices and trying to cook their stories to file written statement. Eventhough the matter is in the court, they are resorting to sell but without success. In the context of passing away of R1, how my case will be affected? Meanwhile, I would like to take criminal action against R2 and other family members (Mother/sister-in-law) for stealing my original registered documents in the year 2007 while staying in my own house and thereafter cancelled the gift deed (without the consent of donee and without court's directive) and made another illegal settlement deed in the year 2013. Please enlighten me on this matter and thank you in the meanwhile. Syed