Dear Sir, I am working in a bank as officer. Presently I am posted at Raigad, Maharashtra. There is a provision to keep family at place of choice. So I took a flat in Mumbai to keep my parents there. Necessary approval for the same was obtained from DGM of Mumbai Zone. In December 2015 a new Branch Manager took charge of my branch. Also a new Regional Manager took charge of Raigad Region. These people are not sanctioning my rent proposal despite approval from DGM. They are now saying that my parents are not dependent so I cannot retain lease at place of choice and that I would be terminated for concealing the job of my father. Let me tell about my background. I hail from Nagpur and belong to a poor family. My father is jobless since 28 years. He had no pension and no property in his name anywhere. When I came to Mumbai my parents joined me. To kill his idle time my father got a job as security guard. I had requested DGM Sir to keep my family in Mumbai as he has a job there. He conceded. My father is getting 15000 p.m. I had given a declaration at the time of joining that my parents are dependent on me. One of my colleague from Rajasthan was not getting salary since 4 months. He was very upset as he had a family to run. So I drafted a letter for him which he sent to the Chairman of the Bank. He got his salary next day but I was made a target by these gentlemen. Since that day they have decided to torture me. After 6 months delay they said that I must prove that my parents are dependent on me. There is a rule that if parents are earning 10000 they are not dependent. My fathers contract was to come to an end in June 2016 so I told them that my father is not working now. I also asked them if working for 12 months has made my parents entirely independent. They refused to listen and said that I am a man of doubtful integrity. AGM said that he would spoil my career forever. Nowhere in India I would be able to get a job. In the span of 9 months I was issued 3 transfer orders. I get 33000 salary. I am paying rent Rs 25000 for Mumbai flat and Rs 5000 for flat at Raigad. I asked them to show empathy but they did not listen. I am completely penniless and they have transferred me. I am sitting at home with no choice. How do I join a new place without money? What legal action can I take against these people who have deprived me and my parents to live a life of dignity. Nobody is helping.