Am I going on a right way

Sir It's a love marriage for me but the girl was not serious but somehow i convinced her family and married by 2011 we lived as nuclear family according to her wish from the time of wedding she dint adjust with my family came up with lot of conditions I agreed everything at the time of pregnancy she left to her parents and dint turned up with the kid in between she Came stayed for 2-3 days leaving 6months old kid with there grandparents and again she will fight and went till 2yrs this was the situation and by 2013 till now she dint turned back my family tried begging her to some extent I even went to lady police even after that she dint, I waited for 2yrs and now my kid is 4 he doesn't know who I am I am just 29yrs my family wanted me to go for remarriage I filed a case gave 2 notice for reunion she dint accept 2016 my proceedings started I came to a mind set of not accepting her and do the responsibility for my kid alone as his dad. She suddenly said she wished to reunite with me I dint accept and afte counselling, Lokadalat etc now she filed a counter file saying whatever I said was wrong and I dint give anything for the kid accepting that she was away form me for 3yrs. My next hearing is next month she is not openly asking for a settlement too my lawyer collecting evidence to justify my end but how long it will go??? 3yrs of my life without anybody and I lost my kid too now I need a way to atleast meet the kid once a month and get away from her and go for remarriage how long this case will take? Or is there any other way to take this case to finish it this year?