Mental harassment and torture

Hello ,I have been married for a year was a love marriage which was arranged by husband has been very polite and decent person when we met and convinced me to marry him with the condition that he will agree to living separate with me.but after marriage he completely denied doing so and his family has a very backward thinking and often used foul language while fighting and also encouring separation and influencing my husband.after the never ending fights and their expectation to acquire my salary lead me to live separately with my husband.but since separation my husband has blamed me and cursed me for separating him from his parents.he has bad drinking and smoking habits that are even continued at home every elweekend he has to drink and create a scene and blame me keeping in touch with my ex.he has been used me of spending time with my ex and tried calling him and creating a ruckus. He doesn't eat at home at times and visits his moms place every week and leaving all alone at home till 11pm.his mother and family plays an important role in separating us as their influence is too much on him.everytime he returns home after meeting his folks he has to pick up fights leading to my mental imbalance and torture.he doesn't give adeque amount to run the house and gives more than 50percent of share to his mom dad.he misbehaves with me and acts indifferent that causes health issues to me.his drinking habits make him fight over it and hence causing him leave the house if I don't allow him to do so at home. This had been hapning from around 6-8months.his mom and dad use foul words while having conversations with me and blame me for marrying their son for money.they have even taken away my mangalsutra and hs been with them for almost 6months now.i can't handle this mental torture and allow these people to play with my emotions I don't know how do I deal with them and even my husband acts least bothered i want to file a police complaint against them so that they realize my worth and stop this unacceptable behavior. I belong to a higher middle class family and his mom dads life has always been lower middle class and I assume they are doing all this so that they can ask money from me and make me helpless in order to make this marriage last.please advise me.