My wife threatens me and shouts at my parents

Mine was a love marriage and like any other household, my wife too had problems with my parents initially(given that it was a love marriage), Lot of drama happened between his familiy and my family on petty things but most of the things gets sorted out after first couple of years..Given that i manages the finances of me and my wife (she is working). All our income was saved in my account , time passes and some time back , my wife started fighting with me and my familiy on silly things, mentioning that we only had given her a hard time after marriage , her parents are backing her up and filling her mind with all wrong stuff.She started asking details about the money earned by her which i have given..sometime back i bought a house which is on my and my father name. Now the fights have become too frequent , and they goes ugly, she threatens to commit suicide and started shouting on my parents, its just like harassing all of us, she threatens to use dowry act against us, she threats of contacting woman ngo's , and ask to pay whatever she has earned till now if both us decided to go for divorce. we have a daugher as well and she wants her custody. Although, after these fights , things seems to become normal but my house is very much disturbed because of these frequent fights..she has also started recording our normal conversations on phone (not sure of her intent) and i really want some proactive measures before it goes ugly and she will show her dark side by making some false scenario/case against us . Please guide what options i have...In these conditions, if i want can i ask her to leave the house(given that its on my name as well) ?, If she creates scenes , can i lodge a complaint in police...She is just harassing us ..