What are the steps i can take in future?

Hi, i got married in 2014, it was a love marriage. my in-laws never seem satisfied with the marriage. They also forced us(me & their son) to get out of their house when i was three months pregnant. after which we shifted to Delhi but cause of my husband's emotional instability we again came back to his parental residence. Things went fine for few days as now i started living in a separate portion in the same hose but after a while, they again started the same thing. to the worse my husband abused mentally as well as physically quite a few time & asked me to leave his home. He did this in the impression of his parents. And one fine day when he was in office his parents finally abused me physically on which I dialed police no. and left their house after so much of abuse. its been two months and i am staying with my mom. since then me & my husband are not in touch. I did not file any FIR cause i was afraid if situation becomes more worse. but i am doubtful that my husband will ever try to bring me and my child back to the shared household. please let me know what are the options are left for me & what steps can i take to make this marriage work.