Married 2yrs back, Now she and her family planning to put 498

Actually at the time before wedding Biodate ie birth year is wrongly communitated through mobile phone by 3rd person. after marriage few months latter we came to know that year was wrongly went, at that time all elders in family set together told to fix that issue mistake had happen unknowingly. but now she fixed in her mind it was wantedly did that mistake by use. she was not freely moving, not only that every time she when she got angry she will bring that issue. more over she was opposed to Sister in law and mother in law, she never maintain good rapu with them. even they told good things she will take them as bad and mis understand family. for small reason she argued with husband she told she will go her father house, he told its not right time, first sleep think pleasantly, if you go it not good for both familys, even though she prepaired to go to her father house, then husband requested not go, she forced so he told her better fix all issues and come with clear mind to lead happy married life, if not feeling happy to live , think for better solution and she drop at her father house.