Cheating by saying love

My age was 25, a muslim guy cheated me by saying love..we were in relationship from past 1year, he said their parents were not accepted for our marriage due to religion problem but the fact was he did not have intention of marrying me because i came to know that he was searching for matches in his religion from past one year..He said he was marrying against his will, only for parents but the fact was he did not tell his parents about me at all. i came to knew this when i had been to his house to talk to his parents, they said he did not say to them about me. By the time i had been to his home, he got engaged to another girl. He just acted that he loved me, to use me in the past one year. At starting only, when i asked about marriage he said he can't do against their parents will so they should accept, then i said they won't accept our proposal so we will break up now itself but he did not accept for that saying i will try for our marriage till last second so if everything goes well then we need not to worry know so why should we break up now. So many times this topic got repeated and everytime he used to say, i would try till last second. But he was such a fraud...i believed every word of him as i had a trust that he would never say lies but each and every word of him was a lie. I talked to the bride's parents and told them about him and his cheating...knowing everything as they got engaged already and was known to all of their relatives, they were now ready to do their marriage. I wanted to put a cheating case on him. But the problem was i don't have proper proofs to prove my relationship as he took my phone and said it got robbed. When he said that his parents fixed marriage for him, i attempted for suicide. When i was in hospital, he said robbbery had happened and in that my phone was lost. At that time i belived his words but now i was sure that robbery had not happened, he only lied to me and took my phone as it consists of our photos, messages along with call recordings..He had done everything preplanned. I could not tolerate his cheating. Please suggest me under which act i could file a case against him. When i had been to his home and came to knew about him, from that time he was not picking my calls but he was calling to my parents and harassing them, talking badly about my character...they were picking his calls and talking to him as they were afraid of me that he might do something bad to me. I messaged him that i would give complaint about the phone, from that time he was calling to my parents and harrasing them. Under which section i can file a case against him?? I have one recording in which he said that he said to thieir parents but they did not accept and another recording in which his mother said thet he did not tell them about me. Is that enough to prove that he had cheated me? At the time of his engagement he switched off his phone for 5days, i was worried about him and had been to his place but he said he was in another place, due to stress he had been to that place for relaxation but the fact was he was at his home for engagement. Whatever he said i just believed blindly, he was working in hyderabad and i was working in bangalore, he used to come to bangalore every month to meet me, i used to go to his room whenever he comes..only for that enjoyment he acted at me saying love.