Domestic violence

I'm a 40 yes old female and married a man aged 52 yes through internet without much inquiry. He was OK in the beginning of the marriage but later he started abusing me profusely, beat me several times and threw me out several times and constantly threatens to kill me and family in case of divorce.... All this has happened only in the span of a year...... Started merely after 2-3 months of our marriage...... His behavior worsened every time so I had to involve police once under domestic abuse but after this things are irreparable...... The worst thing that happened in between all this chaos is that he got a house constructed from his own money on a plot which was on my name in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.... The whole property costs more than rs. 50 lacs now. Now as his harassment increased over me I have left my own house and staying with my parents outside Lucknow...... One case of domestic violence is already going on against him..... He seems to be a criminal minded person..... His threatens scare me off like anything..... How do I go about..... Nobody to help me out