Credit card settlement

I had credit card of bank and at one point of time withdrew Rs 3000.00 but I never got any statement but later on their person had come personally in 2004 with outstanding of Rs 5300.00. Then it was agreed to settle for Rs 4100.00 out of which Rs 1000.00 was paid same and within 2-3 days same person came to me with letter citing Rs 4100.00 to be paid in one shot. The discrepancy was spoken over phone and on payment of Rs 3100.00 full and final settlement receipt was issued to me. In 2015 I came know from cibil of banks reporting of Rs 168378.00 written off which spoiled my report. After which I personally gave legal notice citing their miss deed for which my suffering of huge loss. On that they wrote me back of citing my mistakes and saying that on humanitarian grounds they written to cibil to correct. Later I found that in cibil word settled came instead of written off. Now do the charges stand against the bank under ipc 199-200 still or bank got freed from the charges after giving correct information to cibil. Please inform with some citations.