Ensure my 2 sons (wife 1) are my only legal heirs

BACKGROUND • I am Hindu and have 2 sons from my 1st Wife and my only source of income is Rental income from my immovable property • My 1st Wife passed away In 2010 • Now I plan to get married again (court marriage ) • My 2nd Wife already has 2 sons from her 1st Husband • I want to ensure that after me 2 sons from my 1st Wife become the only legal heir ,and all my property a to be passed to my 2 sons only • I want to ensure that my 2nd Wife and 2 sons from my 2nd Wife can never claim of the assets I have as I will Make separate FD's for my 2nd Wife • Also till the time I am alive I want to safeguard myself hence in all my Properties where only my name is there I will add my 2 sons name and this means me and my 2 sons all would be 33% owners of each of the properties Scenario 1 ( Have 2 Questions) Now i am planning to Add my 2 sons name in all my properties so that each of us become 33% owner of the property. This will make me 33% owner in all my property . 1. Will 2 Children of my 2nd Wife will be considered as legal heirs and have any right in 33% of my property? 2. Who will be my legal heirs and what will be each 1's share (%) in my 33% property? Scenario 2 ( Have 3 Questions) Now if i make my register will and mention that my 33% rights in property to be transferred to my 2 sons only. Also i plan to create specific trust of 33% of my property and make myself and my 2 sons as trustees and mention in Trust deed that class 1 beneficiary will be 100% myself initially and After me Class 2 beneficiaries will be my 2 sons only 1.By making will and creating specific trust am i ensuring that all my properties will go to my 2 childrens only? 2. Also can my 2nd wife in future create 1 more will of mine in her favour and register it (assume i am not 100% fit in that case ) 3 Consider under her influence i register my 2nd will in her favour and register it and at the same time since I have already made specific trust earlier and clearly mentioned in the trust that my 2 sons are the trustees and will be the only beneficiaries what will then happen?