Life has been become hell after my marriage

I am married for 3 years now. my wife always fighting me on small small things. she neither respect me nor my parents. always ready to do arguments with louder voice at public place, metro and in family function. she has intolerable nature. she abused me and my parents many times in public. many times she given us threat to file complaint for domestic violence or dowry if we force her for anything. we do not have kid as she do not want to have a kid because she is preparing for civil services. As per her she will ready for kid after selection. i always supported her for her study like. i am doing all the house work from cleaning to cooking. she never go to home town with me on festivals and vacations. i also never forced her for anything. her friend circle do not know that she is married because she hide her marriage. we are 30 year old. I am alone son of my parents they would need my support in their last days. but she do not like them and do not want me to meet them. we argued many time on this. now i have started thinking that how long it will go. i tried my best to make her happy but everything failed. please advise what should i do. should i go ahead for divorce or wait for more years for become things smooth. if i should go for divorce then what i can do as she threat her once for this but she denied as said until i agree u cant separate. u have to live with me anyhow. Thank you in advance