Rights of Grand-Daughter in Grand Father's Property (ancestor's P

1> My Grand Father Died in 1987 and he was having 10 acres of land. and he was having two Son's (my father and Uncle) 2> I born in 1990 in same family in Karnataka 3> After my Grand Father Death my Father and Uncle Divided the Property of my Grand Father and got 5 acres of land each in the Partition (there was no will from my Grand Father) 4> The Partition happened in 1992 between my father and my Uncle. 5> In the year 2014 My Father sold his 5 acres of land to Some Person "X". and now Person "X" registered that property in his name in sub register office. but while buying / registration that Person "X" not took my Signature on the sale deed. 6> And my father also died in the year 2015. 7> So being Grand Daughter, is there any right on that 5 acres of land, which was already sold by my father to Person "X" on which i did not signed. or I was not concerned by Person "X" So Please let me know what is the rights of Grand Daughter on Grand Father Property which is divided and already sold by her father. Note :- I am the Pearson "X" who Purchased that Property. now the granddaughter telling me that, she will go to court, since she did not concerned or she did not sighed on that property.