Primafacie case in status quo of property alienations

Sir, I had 1/7th share in joint property and i got order of primafacie case in status quo for the protection of the property without further alienations. DETAILS :My father left WILL according to this I had 1/7th share i.e my mother and 6 children including me.My Father had put some movable and immovable propertys in my mother's name.My mother sold some property which is in her name and my father's name and gifted some property to my brothers when i ask my share she rejected so i had to go to court for justice and court had given the order of status quo for the protection of futher alienation instead of this my brothers started constructions on schedule propertys. 1.respondent who is exparte gifted the dispute schedule property in his wife's name .2.respondent was not pressed.3.respondent had given waqalat. can i do objection for construction sir pls give me suggestion for next step