Ex boy friend abuses me and my family

I was in a relationship with a boy for 4 years ,we didnot have any physical relation.I and my family were ready for marriage but his family were not ready. While he had no job i helped him get a job and he is now in sbi po .He too much suspect me in my work and he disallowed me goinf and talking to anyone,being too much possessive. He always used to abuse taking name of my collegue even when he was just a colluegue and also abuses me with word like chhi h tumpr ,besharam office jati h friend banane .He also doesnot want that i should job even he was not ready to talk at his home about marriage he only used to see faults in me. Now i have ended relation with me because my life became hell with him always trying to convince him that he suspects too much and always telling me that i should be down at his home. He always used to call me message me even when i have moved on and dont want to talk to him. can i file a mental harashment case against him?I even tried to talk to his parents that they should tell him not to do like this but they didnot even pick up my phone nor his parents nor his family members.He used to send me mails and msg He dont even want to be with me nor he want that i should be anyone. He has mentally tortured all my family members and me from last 4 years I waited for him always that he should take step for me ,but he didnot do this but just abuses me with wrong words . Please help what should i do, I dont want to spoil his career neither mine . Should i file case against him as i have no option left ?