Hi, My name is Manoj, i am 28 years old working in BPO company. Its been 3 years since I am married and i am not happy with my wife. It was love marriage where i went against my family and married her without my parents presence. After 6 months of my marriage my went to her house saying she will be back in 1 months, but came back after 4 months and since my marriage most of the time she keeps ordering food from outside and spend our money and does not cook at home. And does not allow me to meet my Mother who is aged and stays with my elder brother. Every time i try to visit my mothers place to see her she starts accusing me. Even after that if i visit my mother she keeps calling me to ask by what time i will be back home or something bad happened and i need to go back. She does not allow me to do over time in my office to complete my pending work, she does not allow me to visit my friends, family, or relatives, but her family keeps visiting us and stays for many days. I also spoke to her mother regarding the same and she accused me back. Currently i found out that she is behind some person in her office and keeps calling and chatting him for hours when i am not at home and goes to meet him outside after office saying she has extra work and will be back home late. Now after all the expenses i am bankrupt and 80% of my salary goes in rent, bills and loan EMIs. I am very much disturbed and not able to find a way out of my married life, since i do not have my parents support and don't have much money. Please advise if there is any way to get divorce without paying any compensation. And what all proofs do i need to have to prove my innocence Thanks Manoj