Cancellation of marriage after engagement

I got engaged to a guy in may 2016, and the marriage was tentatively planned after 6 months. After a months period the guy and his family refused for marriage giving reason that they do not like the my(girls) nature, and they wanted marriage in December and not in January, and that the guys mother was ignored by my father in a marriage discussion. I was on a trekking trip for 15 days when all this happened and my phone number was not reachable that time. Hence my parents could not come to any decision as i was not available. When i returned back i called and messaged the guy several times but there was no revert. My parents tried to contact his parents but they ignored us many times. After a week or so we were able to speak to his parents through their relative where they gave us the above mentioned reasons and that they do not want to continue. In this entire time the guy was no where reachable. Today again we called them to tell them to pay our expenses incurred for engagement which they refused. So regarding the above details will we be able to get our expenses back as these expenses were made on the mutual promise of marriage which has been broken by them. Other than money respect, peace of mind of me and my parents is also lost which cannot be returned. And moreover publicity in the society. Is it possible to get or expenses back, and if yes, what is the procedure for it. Thanking You.