Claim for the goods lost to fire against the transport comapny

I took services of Jaipur Golden Transport company to shift my belongings from Jaipur to Saharanpur(UP). It contained my clothes, my apparels from wedding, books, documents. Since I was relocating from Banasthali University (Newai, Rajasthan) to Bangalore. Hence, I had sent across my belongings. However, the godown of the company was burnt down, and all my goods have been damaged and soiled, lost. They have reached the condition where nothing can be done saved from them. After loosing the items when asked for compensation, they said - there is no compensation for domestic goods. Since majority of the items were the ones which I had received in wedding (majorly apparels),my existing wardrobe (the one which I was using in Banasthali), woollens and books. All of it has been soiled by chemicals of fire extinguishers, and the one that were in shape have been stolen. The documents and books are completely lost. A girl's wedding in India costs a lot and a big share of its wedding budget is spent on her clothes and today I stand empty hands because all of it is lost. Also I am enrolled in Ph.d. All my research work has been lost in that fire as well along with other books which I had collected over years. I want to take legal action against the company and get the compensation for the goods that have been lost, please suggest me how should I move forward to get justice.