Claim for burnt goods.

Myself Damini Sharma. I have relocated to Bangalore post wedding. earlier I was working with banasthali university, situated 70kms away from Jaipur. in order to shift my belongings from banasthali to respective places, I booked the services from Jaipur golden transport company. I had booked parcels for Bangalore and Saharanpur. the parcel booked fro Saharanpur never reached because of the fire. I had booked for three parcels, two parcels had clothing - all the precious ones that I had got stitched for wedding sarees, suits, dresses, woollens, few of the clothes of my husband. one parcel contained my books, research work (I am currently pursuing my Ph.D.). All my work is gone with the fire. When I asked about financial claim, they responded that there is no claim for domestic goods. Later they stopped replying at all. I want to take legal action against them. Please suggest how should I move ahead. An indian wedding for a girl is quiet an expensive affair. they can never fulfil my emotional loss, but the financial loss can least be done. My belongings have been soiled and destroyed to that extent that they cannot be used. please suggest how should I go ahead.