Harassment by wife to me and my parents

Hello, my name is Amit Bakshi.I am from mumbai. I got married to my wife who is from delhi, on 20th oct, 2013 in mumbai. She delivered a baby boy last year. Its been almost 3 yrs of our marriage now and she has been mentally torturing me through her negativity and baseless argument doing all mental behaviour by climbing up on a building for suicide, stranguling herself by shower pipe,etc. Threatening me and my family by calling police also because her father has a good friendship with commissioner of mumbai. She called police for no reason and put all false allegations on me and my parents of dowry and domestic violence. Somehow we managed to send her to delhi but now after a weeks time she and her parents are again harassing us by saying that is also my house you cannot throw me out from their and will be coming today to create more nuisance. Now i want a permanent solution as me and my parents are mentally very drained as they are senior citizens now. Please need your advice urgently. Thanking you Yours sincerely Amit Bakshi