Newly undertaken Private company for Airport Development

Hello Sir/Madam, We are the residents of a chawl committee (residing since 37years) compromising of 40 residents, in Mumbai Suburbs. We are the target of so called "development plan" of GVK- Newly undertaken Private company for Airport Authority Developments. we have FIR's and Compaint details, agendas and minutes of meetings held between our residents and GVK official's at the police station, under guidance and presence of Senior Inspector of Sahar Police Station,where in they (GVK officials) have agreed to give us access through gates (1,2 and 3) after putting a barbed wire fence to separate us from the development site. The problem is they are not keeping their words and have been using improper means of closing us down completely from accessing the roads existing for 37years and more. we are allotted a 2.5feet galli kind of space to move out and even less at some places. so inhuman, how do we meet an emergency, like death, fire, emergency access for fire-brigade, and even a small vehicle is not available. are we suppose to die like this, we are being forced to move through a cargo parking lot, how safe is that for our children, females and also older citizens of our chawl? We are victims of Bribery, conspiracies of officials of GVK and other authorities, We need immediate help, Can we appeal in court for our rights? We have all the documents that show our existence in this place for past 37 years. expecting guidance and help!