Our land lord cheated us.

I along with 2 of my friends rented a flat for seven thousand in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. We found it through a broker. When the contract was made we paid 21 thousand rupees as rs. 7000 for broker and rs. 7000 advance and rs. 7000 security(he said it will be the rent for the last month so he asked for rs 1000 more which I gave him from my pocked). Every month we paid him money on time. The contract was for 11 months so he asked us to move so we agreed. Now he is denying the fact that he has our rs. 7000 + rs. 1000 as security. He is saying that we didn't pay the rent of second month so he will give us no money. Since he is a doctor and a was nice to me I didn't say directly that he was lying but he said he won't pay any money. Out of three of two of have come to our home(Uttarakhand) on summer break. So the third one didn't agree on aur land lords terms. So the landlord started to threaten him. He told it to my other roommate and he told me so to avoid complications I agreed on land lords terms going against my friends will.( since it was a 2 bhk and we were three so I was paying rs.2900 for the master bedroom and others were paying rs 2500 and rs 1600 for bedroom and hall respectively.) But I still agreed to give away my rs 2900 + rs 1000 which I gave from my own pocked as security. Now when my friend shifted the landlord and broker both started threatening him as they asked for the keys of our rooms which are with me and my friend. So he will get them when we go back there after the vacations are over. But he asking security fees for them also but my friend didn't agree to give more money. Since I was agreeing on all his terms he called me again and the first thing he said was rubbish about my friend that he is very rude and we don't trust him. He won't give us our keys back. So I asked if he trusted me, to which he replied yes so I said I will give him the keys and money for all the damage than has been done to his house so he said OK I trust you. But then he asked me to wait and not to hang up the call so after a minute of so he put the call in conference with some clerk in my college and asked my department and roll number. So I got mad and asked him his account number and told him that I'll diposite the money in your account tomorrow. But when I told this to my friends they said not to pay them a single penny. All did all this because he was threatening my friend and he was all alone there and they were many and even the broker is on their side. Please help! Thanks.