Mental harrasment

Hi I am married for 3 years. After 2.5 years my husband left me alone at our rented house since we both were working in delhi and we rented a flat. Now he and his family predominantly his dad is against me. He has very corrupted mind and always ask for my salary. He is very greedy. He is not allowing my husband to come back to me. I am going in depression day by day they are giving me a mental pinch. After marriage my mom in law started tourchering me by taunting that you parents donot meet our level still we accepted you for marriage.Time and again she taunts in the same way. Moreover she doesnt allow me to touch anything in the kitchen.She doesnt allow my father in law to eat the food cooked by me. My husband was in my favour at some point of time and used to say I know my parents are not good. He says that hus mom always curse him that your marriage is not going to work. However, since november my husband showed me drastic change.He left me alone when I went to my office. Later on they drafted a letter in which they mentioned I have to accept that I have been fighting with my husband since long.Despite given the chances I didnot improve. Also they wanted the record of my 3 years salary that where and how did I spend.My father in law is roaming here and there for getting divorce from me. I am not sure what should I do teach them a lesson. I want them to take me back with ful respect and never give me mental pajn.