Is he liable for punishment

I and MY EX filled a divorce in 2015 and we had completed the process in December 2015.after the divorce vivek again proposed me for marriage he was begging and crying at that time.he told me that we will cancel our divorce but i thought i should take time before cancelling the divorce.he told me that i will never ever remarry.between these days he also broke my engagement with my fiancée..again he started the same thing with me physical relation for his own satisfaction he always use to say that ur my wife u have to satisfy me anyhow.he took money from me for his use.he promised me to marry he had maintained physical relation with me forcefully. Every weekend he took me in a hotel for his need.he did these things previously also .he raped me in Bangalore and he forcefully marry me.and after that he and his parents tortured me for divorce filled a complaint against him.he went to jail also for 21 days..i was not that financially strong in monetary terms so i patchedup with them because he hired a good lawyer and i didn’t have money to hire good lawyer. and give divorce but afterb that again he played with me. i dissolve my marriage bcoz i don’t wanted to spoil my life in that .with the six months of cooling period i tried to contact him so many times but he never replied.but again he did the same things with me don’t know its intentionally. I m very tensed very upset.he totally spoiled my these period in hotels or even cell he took my private parts pictures nude pictures.told me that i will keep these pictures with me.but he told me many times that i will upload it on websites.many times i requested him to dlt my pics but he told me that i backedup ur images.and in hotel he took my images forcefully.but at that time i trusted him that he is my husband he will not upload my pics. But from last weekend he stopped talking to me again. Again he used me and threw away. can’t take it anymore. i tried reaching him.still he is not even trying to call.sending you some chat details of him just to show you.that how bad he is..he approached me after the divorce to remarry.he has done lots of things.he took my personal part photos in hotel.he tortured me to upload in net after that,he use to beat me.sometimes.he made wrong promise for remarry.but I managed with everything because I always wanted to be with him..he took my money even for his personal stuffs. reason.he forced me to get physical for sake of his pleasure.i trusted him that’s my mistake.i messaged him that I will complaint him he sent me msg that if u complaint then I will suicide and will write your name in my suicide letter .please help me if you can.he tortured me lot.he always used to abuse me. .if you want I can provide you whole details with proofs.please cooperate with I will punish him definitely I don’t want to trouble your company.i already reistered case in national women commision . 1) He promised me to remarry again.again he misbehaved me and force me for physical intimacy. 2) He used my money for his own expenditure. 3) He played with me mentally as well as physically. 4) He tortured me,he abused me,he used to beat me outside. 5) Many times he pro