Divorce re application

Sir,my application for divorce in 2008 from my wife after two months of marital life based on cruelty is rejected at district court Hyderabad in 2012.i did not apply in high court till now.we are not in contact with each other neither our families also.she is in a central govt. job and I am doing private jobs.marriage was in 2006 separated after two months, initially tried out of court settlement for two years through elders but did not work.after I applied divorce she had registered 498a against 12 members of my family,we all got bail with out arrest and the case was qashed in high court in 2012 against all except me.now people who gave evidence against me are not coming to court for cross examination.judge is telling evidence will be cancelled and case will be taken up on her evidence. My question is as its been 4 yrs,can I file divorce again in same court or should I go to high court only? Can I file loss of reputation case against people who gave false evidence against me and did not attend court?