Cheque bounce case

My husband took 5 lakhs rupees as debt for interest of 2 rupees in 2013 from a person. At that time he just gave a undated signed blank personal cheque as security for him. We have business in telgana state and we live in andhra state. The money was taken in telgana state from a local person. The cheque given to him was also from local private bank but the address in the bank was our personal address that was in another state. We have returned money in 2015 through netbanking. Actual amt was transferred to that person account from our account through netbanking and the interest amt was given as cash. Now the problem was we didn't took back the blank cheque given to him. Due to some personal gudge that person submitted the cheque in account written 8 lakhs in 2016 and the cheque has bounced. Now he has filed a case against us. In that case he is not mentioning when he has given money to us. Now he was sending the notice to business address where we won't live. He don't know our personal address. How we have to defend this case.