Stay a order against termination of employees

Dear sir We all 40 to 50 employees have been working from stablisment (3 to 5 years) in Bihar open school an autonomous body of education dept. bihar.board has not completed any recruitment procedures till the date and we all have working without any appointment letter.govt has provided salary on regular basis.we have worked with different ceo of the board and no of office order issued through him.but the newly appointed ceo and secretary has illigly issued termination letter to 20 workers and retains some old and some new workers for office work.this all has completely partiality done by both authorities.they said u all r not coming ligly so terminated by we all comes from same procedure then how we r illigle and some r not.plz advise us how to writ in high court and tell me chances of favour.the above said issues completely against human rights and partial opportunity. Plz tell me we all r on road now some of us have expire their age limits.we have lots others options due to this job.