Saving family from dowry n other related laws

My brother is recently married 4 months ago, our family was a happy family prior to marriage, being eldest i have been married for 6 years and blessed with two childrens and have a very good relations with my wife family. But my brother wife wanted him to be seperated fron family and avoid parents. She wanted to enjoy on my brother payment and not want to live in family, being a small family of father, mother and brother to live with and do only house hold works, she is finding difficult as i am living with my family at mumbai. My brothers wife father or family is intrupting a lot and already created havoc of nothing. She was never been physically, emotionally, mentally, socially harrassed. Even my brother took her to movies oftenly and other places. She was always good in our house and we have good times but when ever she visit her house she brings a problem. Recently his family members in large strength came to our house n threatened my parents of dire consequences, and even warning of killing my family members. I am away from home, my parents are shocked and afraid. I am afraid that they may file false cases against my family.