Complaint against defence officer not equired fairly

Respected sir here is copy of my complaint: refusal to sign indent for purchase of afd cat. i item entitled retired personnel and humiliation by colonel r.k. sheoran (admin commandant station hq sangrur) respected sir i sandeep singh, ex pome, no 124410-a (released from indian navy on 28 feb 2015) is presently working in state bank of india as assistant. i wanted to buy a motorcycle from csd and prepared all documentation i.e. entitlement form, availability certificate from authorisd dealer, bank draft of rs. 99001, i card, discharge book and pension book. i went to station head quarters sangrur cantt. to get documents certified on 26 feb 2016 at 0930 hrs. but due to non availability of staff i was directed to come on next day. i went to the office once again on 27 th feb at 0900 hrs. but signing authority (col. rk sheoran) had not yet come, by the time staff checked my documents and told me to wait till the officer comes. at near 940 hrs. the officer arrived. by 1000 hrs the staff made entry in relative register, stamped my discharge book, and one of the employee amrit singh went to the officer's cabin to get the documents verified and take signature on the indent. the officer scolded the employee to bring the register so early in the morning at this the employee told the officer that the requester is an employee of state bank of india and today being a holiday has requested to get his papers signed so that he will be able to go to bathinda on time and get the delivery orders and next time he will be able to get the chance after 15 days but the officer did not bother. same was told to me by the employee and then i asked the staff that can i personally meet the officer. they permitted me and i went to the cabin of the officer sahib was busy in reading newspaper, i asked permission to come in, at this he very rudely asked me that who the hell i was i introduced myself to the officer and told him that yesterday also i came to his office and due to non availability of staff i was called today requested him to verify so that i may go to csd bathinda on time. at this the officer lost his temper and in very abusive language he told me get out and wait as he signs the documents only once a day. i went out and waited till 1400 hrs. and requested the staff to put up the papers once again. one of the staff member went to get the papers signed but this time the officer refused to sign giving reason that he will not sign for an ex serviceman from navy and he will sign only for ex service men of army. i went to the officer and explained him that ex servicemen from all forces come under same category, at this the officer once again lost his temper and in abusive language(which i cant even write) ordered me to get out of the premises of his office and never to show my face to him again. during whole of this time the officer did just one job that was reading newspaper the entry made and canceled later can be confirmed from the relevant register maintained by the station headquarter sangrur scanned page of my discharge book which was stamped and canceled later is attached this complaint was launched on .in But after 6 reminders and 4 months passed I got this reply The complaint was investigated by the concerned HQ. Since the dealing clerk was on leave on 26 Feb 16 the complainant was requested to come next day to Station HQ when he met with the Station Cdr on 27 Feb 16. Due to anomalies and shortcomings in the complainants documents the indent could not be countersigned. The use of abusive language has been denied by the clerk / staff. On checking and verifying with other ESM no such complaint / other complaint was found about the Station HQ / Adm Comdt. However the Station Cdr has cautioned the staff to be more cautious towards Veterans. Respected sir The reply made on my complaint is nither satisfactory nor justified due to the following reasons:- 1. It is wrong that I was deficient with any document as I was carrying all relevant documents in original (I.E. Indent filled up and signed by me, Discharge book, PPO, pention book,Bank Draft of Rs.99001, availability certificate by authorized dealer )as well as Xerox copies . All these documents were presented in front of the investigating officers at Nabha. And Birg. Atul Dharmapuri had scolded the officer for his repeated mistakes and admitted that his officer has made a big mistake and he in front of me had ordered col.vadiya to send a show cause notice to col. Seoran.all the documents can still be varified and are safe with me. 2. Dealing clerk had checked all my documents then only he made my file ready for signatures my stamped discharge book which was canceled later is proof of that. This is his(preparing clerk)profession and he deals only in this type of cases daily , how can he present an incomplete file for signature, In all the government offices the files are put up for signature only after preparing clerk varifies all the documents More over if this could have been the fact that I was short of documents the stamps should have not been canceled, instead I might had been directed to produce the documents or note made in my discharge book but there was no note made in my discharge book. 4. If I was short of documents then why I was made to sit in office for for more then 4 hours. According to which rule the officer signs the documents only once a day. 5. It took more than four months to close the complaint which is double of the stipulated time and in these four months I was never asked for a clerification that which document I was short for, and the complaint is closed without sighting clearification from me however I had shown all the documents to the investigating officer. 6. The abusive language was used by the officer in a closed cabin, how that can be varified by his staff. More over will any staff member whose carrier depends upon his boss will ever speak against his own boss. From all above It seams that the Concerned HQ is trying to save skin of their own officer . A fresh complaint at is launched against the decision by me . Sir can I approach to the court Or what else should I do. The whole system seems to be corrupt