Property share between brithers

Hi my name is Ramana, i have a question about property sharing between me and my brother.My father has 6 acres of land out of that he wants to keep 3 acres of land with him and remaining 3 acres he wants to share between me and my brother but my brother wants to take 3 acres of land himself and he is not agreeing for equal share of land because he is not educated and i am educated and software engineer. so as my father spent some money for my education, my brother wants all land as compensation for him and most of my village people also supporting him by saying as he is not educated he has to get more land. I don't know what to do here and my father is helpless in this situation and he wants both of us to share the land equally but my brother wants all the land and he is cultivating all the land without listening to my father but my father is not ready to take any legal action aginst him and i don't know what to do here, how can i get my land here , is there any way that i can take legal help to get my land.