Restoration in army service

I am an Army Major who has been victimised by police and had to fight a false case u/s 302 RPC at jammu while being posted there during service in the year 2003 in a case involving accidental death of my spouse by a service weapon had to face 5 yrs of judicial custody until I was acquitted by session court in year 2008. The army got me dismissed from service under special provision by President post my acquittal, this order was challenged by me in delhi high court by writ petition and govt decision was found to be tainted and it was ordered to reinstate me back in service. But Govt has refused, had to file contempt petition to invoke govt response . I have had to file another writ petition and even though the govts response is once again for a repeated second time based on another flimsy ground like claiming that since I had spent 5 yrs as under trial where other hard core militants and anti social elements where also lodged hence I would have been influenced by them hence unfit to be reinstated back in service and a questioner was posted to supdt jail who has given a vague reply about actual facts. I have had to endure joblessness right from 2003 until now 2016 , and the matter still continues to remain pending in delhi court ,I am unable to find another job in civil society to make my living , have lost all hopes of getting the taint and stigma removed from my status as an innocent, citizen with integrity who should not have had to face such a pathetic ordeal in life.I want law to restore me back in service and enable me to make a living as i have suffered enough all these years.I dont know what to do.