I have been issued and offer letter, and then offer is revoked

Hello, I am a Software developer by Profession, I had resigned from my Last Job on Nov 2015, to take care of some personal issues at home, and once the Situation at home was OK, I started to look out for some job in my home city(Mumbai) itself, Unfortunately I did not get many opportunities in my field of Expertise in Mumbai, Finally I got an offer from a company based in Chennai (Future Focus Infotech), for their client in Bangalore(Robert Bosch) Initially When I cleared Interview rounds of Robert Bosch, these people from Future Focus were calling me 3-4 times a day, they wanted me to join as-early-as-possible, and when I came to Bangalore after 4-5 days they are telling me I cannot be placed at Robert Bosch , Below is my total conversation with them, Which I had emailed them Hello Mr. Krishna, Lets start from the begning, 1} On 17'th June 2016 , you Informed me that I have been selected for Robert Bosch and I need to submit my documents to your mumbai office Immediately and If I could join Robert Bosch in Bangalore on coming Monday 20'june 2016. I went to your office on the same day, submitted my documents but asked the joining to be on Thursday, 23'rd June 2016, 2} On the same day (17'th) evening when Aparna from your side called me, I informed her, that I have prior interviews schedules with two other companies which would be happening on Saturday, 18'th June 2016 3} since that time you and others from your side were calling me regularly atleast 3 times a day, to persuade me and make sure that I do not take any other offers and do not join any other company. 4} You impressed upon me that the Robert Bosch process requirement is very very urgent and I need to join them in bangalore Immediately, You even called me between my interview on 18'th June 2016 and implied that what am I doing there, I should be getting ready to move to bangalore , and you don't want any last minute surprise from my side as every body concerned in Robert Bosch (from bangalore to off shore team in Germany) has been informed that sachin(me) is joining on Thursday 23'rd june 2016, at that point I told to you "since this was a prior commitment I just came for the Interview, and It is my ethical and moral responsibility that since you came first to me with an offer, I should Join you, and what ever happens here I promise you I would join in bangalore on 23'rd" 5} Then also ,I got calls from you on sunday also, and enquiries regarding what is the progress regarding travel to bangalore and living arrangements in Bangalore 6} On monday 19'th June 2016, I bought Tickets for Bangalore, and informed you. But I think you were still not convinced about my sincerity and asked me to send scanned copies of my tickets, Also on the same day I asked you that since I am about to get same kind of offers as yours(9-10 lakhs p.a) from mumbai and pune, it is a bit hard for me to explain it to my family that , why I am refusing offers which are close to home and going to bangalore, and asked you , can you raise your offer to 11.5 lakhs p.a 7} On the same day you called me up, and said that it is now nearly impossible to raise the offered amount but still you will try and get a permission to raise it internally, At the same time you again Impressed upon me , about how critical and how urgent and how important this my requirement is to Robert Bosch and I should join Immediately 8} At the same time, I also told you that I understand and I will tell my family, that I have spoken with you and you have promised me that you will try and give me some raise, and It is my moral and ethical responsibility to join you, and I am going to bangalore to join 9} Also, before buying the train tickets, when I told you, that I will take a train on Wednesday morning and reach bangalore on thursday morning and then go to Robert Bosch for joining formality on the same day, you again Impressed upon me, that joining formalities will be at around 9-10 am how would you come to bangalore at 9-9:30 am and freshen up and do the joining formalities around same time. 10} So I had to take a night train on Tuesday from Mumbai reached bangalore around 11:45 pm the next day, and as it was late too late, to travel safely, I had to sleep at bangalore railway Station that day and take a morning bus to my friends place the next day. While and before the start of journey also, people from your side called me at frequent intervals regarding whether I have boarded the train, has it started, and then where have I reached etc etc NOW THE STORY LINE CHANGES 11} After reaching Bangalore, I had to call you at 11 am, to enquire about the joining venue details and joining formality, after some time you Informed me that unfortunately joining won't be possible that day and I can go to your bangalore office and take my offer letter The reason you gave me for delayed joining was, that since I asked for a raise in salary, you had to take it up with Robert Bosch and that is taking some time, however you gave me joining date of Monday 27'th June 2016 on my offer letter, 12} Then again no contact from your side, again I had to call you on 27'th June , and enquire about the venue details , again you said unfortunately that can't happen today, as the concerned authority whose permission is required was traveling from Germany to India and has reached India on 27'th June itself , and that you are in contact with him and will give me an Update by EOD, 13} On Tuesday 28'th I again called you regarding any updates and in the evening you called me and you say, since there is some problems with HR people in Robert Bosch regarding the higher Salary package I have been given, and some thing like that, I is not possible that I will be able to Join them. What ever little knowledge I have, according to my understanding, the HR people in IT companies do not have any say in salary matters, It is decided by managers and VPs. Now , I want you to tell me if any thing above is incorrect and kindly acknowledge this email Summery a) You have deceived me at every point, your reasons about the delayed joining changed every other day, b) Because you, I ignored the other opportunities which were available c) I had removed my profile from the job portals and even in case someone called up, I Informed them that I have taken up a position with a company in bangalore , so some more opportunities missed d) Friends family and relatives everybody knows that after not being on job for almost half an year , I have gone to bangalore and join some company there, e) The emotional and mental pain of being made a fool in such a way Now let me know what is next step ====================================================================== After all this, they are offering me a compensation of Rs 8000, I am asking for atleast 20 Days salary, and now they are totally Ignoring me Please Help me in deciding what to do, Thanks Sachin Singh