Passport verification police adverse report for stay time

I ,Santanu Debnath, am working as seaman. I renewed my passport on February 2016. But Verification of police report is adverse as they told that within last 1 year I was not sataying in my current address. But at that 5 month period I was in Ship. They sent adverse report . Now pass port office sent me a letter telling that I was suppressed material fact . But at the time of prosseing I submitted all Documents showing everything . Now police told me you have to change the period of stay . But I asked passport office,they told you dont have any other address. You stay on ship .so there is no address . If you change the period of stay you have to give the address of that time and you have to fill subsidiary form 3 showing that address with minimum two proofs. How can I fill this. Plz now I am the ball played by both sides. Police says Passport office can do this ,passport office says Police can do this.. I have been suffering for this for 4 months. Please advice me what can I do,else help me to save myself .