Can a deprived daughter challenge unconditional gift deed by her

Iam 45 years old deprived daughter of my father. After the death of my mother in August 2014, my father did not keep relation with me and with my husband thinking that we may want the property of my father. But it is not so. We had in our mind that we will not take any property of my father but instead may be given away fully to my lovable brother. Instead my father without my consent , has changed the name of the locker so that my father and brother can operate in it where my mother's ornaments including my ornaments also are in it. From that day onwards we were also not allowed to go to my father's house. In the mean time again without the consent of me he has executed an unconditional gift deed to my brother which was most surprising to me. Now my humble question is whether I can challenge the unconditional gift deed after his death or before? Can you give suggestion or way out to harass them as I have been mentally harassed. Can I go to Human Rights? Can I complain to Mahila (women) Commission? Suggest me a fruitful or result oriented solution With regards Sangita Rakshit