Obc ncl

Dear Sir /Madam I filled a form as OBC candidate and now I am selected. But I filled exam form on basis of 2014 which proves me OBC NCL ,in 2016 I have not inquired to my parents regarding income which now exceeds Lakhs. What should I do as if I go by general candidate status, my candidature can be rejected else If I obtain NCL certificate for current exam and does not repeat this in future because in both cases my allotment will be cancelled. Being a OBC candidate in 2014, I had applied for all exams as obc candidate but after reading current rules I found I am no more a non creamy layer candidate. My father is a small businessman but my mother is in goverment job. As I asked my father to get obc certificate he applied and obtained a certificate with no mention of my mother. Should I again do the same and obtain OBC NCL on my father's name as now my mother income has also increased to 6.5 lakhs which my mother never told to me and I applied for exams as OBC. Should I continue as OBC for current exam in which I have been selected or tell to authorities of document verification , now I am not OBC NCL as my parents income currently is more than 6 lakhs and get cancelled my candidature.