Property and Dowry harassment

Hi there, I currently live abroad.However I got married in India almost 2 year ago.The second day of my marriage, my mother-in-laws tells me that I don't mean anything in this household, her daughter (my sis-in-law) and her sisters are the one who are the most important and actual members of the household. I was surprised. Can a daughter-in-law not be considered a part of the family. I kept quite thinking I am staying here for few days and then I will be gone. Slowly, I realized that they were taking control of all the money I had, that my parents n relatives gave me. My sister-in and mother-in took all the money from me. I again kept quite. One day, my brother-in-law comes to my husband asking him for money for settle the expenses for the wedding.. which included even the electricity and household food expenses and expenses for the clothes that my in-laws wrote in the wedding. I was taken aback. That's how I learnt my husband paid for everything. I kept quite again. It was Friday, my sis-in, mother-in n brother-in with 2 other relatives came to me saying that they want me to leave all the jewelry back in India coz i might lose it abroad, it will be safe in a locker. Since next day was sat n sun, they said they will keep it on locker on Monday, as I was flying on sunday night. Since, my parents did me any furniture or refrigerator they gave me jewelry instead as a gift. And I had a lot of jewelry collection of my own to as well. I was forced to give them all the jewelery, my husband told me that I was safer with his parents. I had no option as a new bribe but to listen to follow what they said. After 2 months my mother-in-law n sister-in-law started calling me for sending them monthly expenses. I asked my husband about the deal. He told me that he just had some 5 lakh rupees which is nothing in pounds. Thats all he had when he brought me to rented house which didnt have anything. I was shocked. He told me that he brought a house in India on his father name, he paid for everything, paid for his wedding, brought a car for his parents and also gave money to construct his grandfather house. So , he didn't have money left. I explained the same to his parents, I was shocked by the reaction. My sister-in-law started to call me and abuse me and threatened to kill me if I don't send money. On the other hand, my mother-in told me that I didn't get enough dowry so whatever his son earns I have no rights on it. They started to mentally torcher me for money. My mother-in-law said that her other two children were my responsibility and if I didnt have anything, then I should get money from my parents for her other son education and daughter marriage. I started to understand what was happening, I broke my slience, I told them to return me all the jewelry. And to no surprise, 'I was told WHICH GOLD, and that I DIDNT GIVE THEM ANY, i took all the gold with me abroad' I reliazed that they gave me no time to think and that was there plan to take all that my parents gave me. I DON'T HAVE ANY PROOF TO PROVE that they took all my jewelery, however my husband is the one witness who can verify the same. My in-laws started to ask my husband to torcher me, and force me to get money from my parents , when, my husband did not follow their order they told my husband that then he can stay with me and he has nothing in India. They have me calling my husband to torcher me since I am not in India, my parents will give enough money to them to make sure their daughter is safe. My husband does not listen to them hence they have refused to give back his property. He can earn himself, sell his wife and live his life. My husband told his parents that its his hard earned money and his only saving for life.They told him which property, property is on his dad name and he cannot do anything.. He has the proof that he sent money to his sister account however the house is on his father name. Is there a way out to deal with this, can we go to court and ask his sister to return the money. The transitions have been done through bank. However, in the column where you mention the reason for send money to India, he chose to mention 'household expenses' Can he take his sister to court and get his money back. I do not have any proof that they took my jewelry and cash. Do I have any rights to go to police to get my jewelry that was given as a gift to me back? Currently, my in-laws have 3 properties.. one of them was constructed by my husband and other was brought my husband and the third one is his grandfather. From the two properties my husband made, my inlaws get 20,000 rupees rent, which they r not ready to give us as well . My sister-in-law is 32, she is not willing to get married, however has a boyfriend with whom as she goes enjoying her life. My brother-in does is 27years does nothing and is at home and has been a drunken and is involved in betting. Here, we are struggling to live our daily life without any help. I cannot work since i don't hve the permit to work. I am very stressed about my future and what my in-laws are doing to me. My in-laws specially my brother-in-law says that I am not a part of the family. They say to be a part of family, I should be giving them money and take care of them even if I dont earn. They also mention time n again I should sell myself or ask my parents for money but to be a part of their family I need to give me money monthly.. they ask for 50,000 p.m. They also say legally I have no right on my in-laws house, I can only have right on my husband property. And my husband property is on his father name, hence I dont have any rights.It all boils down t getting dorwry, they say if I had brought 20lakhs with me, they would have spared me however now they will not entertain me. I have all the proofs of them saying that they will eat away everything that i brought. Please suggest what can be done.