Wife not willing to live with me seperately

I am having constant problem with my wife and her parents with in 2 yrs of marriage. > She left my family after 6 months of marriage and moved to rented flat house with her parents and forced me to live with her parents. > After compromise ,Her parents moved to sepearte house which is opposite to my flat. > We have joint property of 36 lakhs-For which i has invested 14 lakhs (EMI recovered from my salary) and she has invested 7 lakhs. > We have a 13 month girl child . I really want to divorce her for following resons > She and her parents constally abuse me and my family members. > She doesnt allow my parents to vist my girl child. > Her parents have collected all jewels from my family after compromise. > Her parents are threating me to arrest me and take my joint property. > my wife is working in bank and earning above 35k I need help for follwing >How can i get divorce >how to get my share in joint property >how to get joint child custody. >is my wife eligible for maintenance or can she claim maintenance for my child.