Extra marital affair- to get divorce

I am a Maths teacher and unmarried Actually there is a teacher in my school (7 years oldee than me) She is married since 8 years having one son 5 years old Her husband also works in same school and is a friend of mine His attitude with his wife is not fair right from beginning Then before 1-2 years she used to tell everything with her another colleague and that person used her for his benefits even he was taking food in her house n all....... Slowly slowly she realised that he is using her and nothing else So she stopped talking & messaging to him and from the month of February that lady is in touch with me and she used to share each and everything I suggest her all possible advice how to tackle all situations Now when limit is crossed she told her parents everything and asked for a divorce And that person with whom she used to discuss everything told her husband that she is characterless and she was talking to me for last 1 year n told many lies to let her down Now her husband is saying i will get all message and call records of last 2-3 years of her no. And then he will ask for compensation to her father and then he will give divorce He is saying her characterless and all..... And during eight years he put everything on her Domestic violence, abusement, scuffle while drink everything that one can assume and she tolerated everything silently Now that lady used to share everything with me against him and i used to suggest every possible positive ray Now she is worried what to do because if her husband gets all details and she had put many things against him means all things proving her extra marital affair Now she is in love with me and me too with her but we never spent time alone with each other