Possible occurrences to be happened after divorce to my wife.

Hi, I got married on 2010. we live together up to 1yr. Since 2011 we are living separately,and we had a child (daughter) of 4yrs old now. she is doing a job an admin.asst in a govt.aided school from2002 and earning around 25000pm. I'm working in gulf. I had an own house on my name it contains a loan of around 18lacs and 20k EMI/pm . My father and mother were having properties with their names. she is no ready to leave her job, even my child didn't know me being a father.After several meetings with their family members finally, they and she told me that "she will not ready to live with me". I was totally frustrated with this situation and I want to rid of this issue. please clarify me the following . 1. Is she eligible to claim the maintenance , I had all proofs related to her employment.(service record)? 2. what is the least possible amount that I have to provide to my child (monthly maintenance). 3. Is she is eligible to claim or can get the share of my property? 4. Is She can claim my parent's property. please provide me with your valuable assistance to solve this issue Thanking you for better understanding.