Related neighborhood issue

Good day, My name is Charan Reddy, male 23 from Hyderabad, Telangana. I live with my family (me, my younger brother, mother anf father) we own a house where we live on the ground floor and there are 3tenents living on first floor with their families. Two of these three tenants have children below 2 years. We have a neighbor just adjacent to the house and she always scolding us and our tenents regularly. So one fine day my mom outburst and shouted on her so she started abusing my mother and our whole family with very intolerant and abusive language and came to road and shouted and she also break down our door and came inside to beat my mom, by the time i was at home and already called the police but they were on the way, she breaks into my house and tried to beat me but i just defend my self. And when police came she falsely accused me of beating her, but while the police know all the story and they saw that she break our door they compramised us both. One week After that incident she started sciulding again on tenents and their small children and even us that she will beat my mother outside and also she brought few relatives ti her home (all are ladies) and trying to create a issue so thatwe outburst and they (ladies) can attack on my mom and when i try to defend she will keep women related case on me. and also harassing our tenents to vacate the house. Please help me with answers which have high impact as our family is very afraid of her and i had to left the job and stay at home. And her brother's are kind of politically influenced persons. She is making little issue as very serious problem. We are ready to go any leagal extent. Please help us.